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         My name is Soophia and I am a Pakistani American. I graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Foreign Affairs in 2012. My father and cousin were opening a restaurant in DC and it was a fun and exciting opportunity for me to get involved. I worked almost every position in the restaurant and I observed. I rose to a managerial position quickly and proceeded to surround myself with people of different industry backgrounds and I listened and learned from those around me. Years later I became the sole owner and operator of the restaurant. Throughout that time I also began honing the branding for Cusbah.


         The restaurant started with only a simple black wordmark logo. While various designers were commissioned to create necessary materials for the restaurant it became apparent that our young small business could not afford everything necessary to truly promote the restaurant. I began learning how to use photoshop to complete the work myself. As my skills developed, I was able to design menus and other important assets. I then realized we were in desperate need of a redesign. I began with the logo and then created a branding guide to design all print materials, digital materials for social media and I also redesigned the Cusbah website which was my first website design. Using a branding guide gave the restaurant a more cohesive and polished look that helped to draw in more clientele and increase sales.              


                Creating assets for Cusbah showed me I had a real passion for design. In January 2020 I finally decided to go back to school and pursue a degree in graphic design. I finished my degree in March 2022 and I’m looking for a company where I can create unique and memorable designs and continue to grow and learn as a designer.

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