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Pilar is an Ernest Hemingway themed restaurant in Washington, DC. The owner wanted to do a complete redesign of the restaurant and hired an interior designer, chef, mixologist and myself as the graphic designer. My first objective as the designer was to create a branding guide that would compliment the color palette established by the interior designer to create a cohesive look. I then wanted to emphasize the theme by incorporating illustrations about Hemingway including his boat the pilar, the corona typewriter, the hemingway daiquiri, his book "A Farewell To Arms" as well as some of his famous quotes. On the cocktail menu I also illustrated a boat traveling to different countries just as the cocktails emulate a certain period of his life in each country. All of this provides story telling aspects within the menu to further engage the clientele and upsell menu items. Currently I am in the process of redesigning the website as well as designing staff shirts.

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